Powder Coating Can be applied to a wide range of metal, steel and aluminium products


It is essential to remove all oily deposits, grease,rust etc from the metal to be treated, this can be done by a range of appropriate methods involving chemical and or mechanical means. Prestige Powder Coating will advise you of the best pre treatment, if this involves sandblasting they recommend the environmentally friendly and safe Dustless Blasting process to remove all unwanted residue
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The Finished Product

Polyester Powder Coating has little appearance differences compared with other painting methods having fewer imperfections between horizontal and vertical paint surfaces. There is no sagging or running of the finished surface and the wide range of special effects easily accomplished along with its durable hard wearing finish make this the perfect method for all metal painting projects.
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Environmental Considerations

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Emits near zero VOC (volatile organic compounds)
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PPC produces much thicker coatings than other painting methods
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Overspray can be recycled
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It produces less hazardous waste
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Safe and environmentally friendly pre treatments
prestige powder coating tamworth nsw
Prior to painting, the tray back is blasted and cleaned in preparation to powder coating
The finished tray back ready for its purpose giving many years of protection. Looks great as well
The unit has been through the baking oven and is left to cure

What Products Can Be Powder Coated?

Fencing Panels,Wrought Iron, Wheels, Frames, Vehicle Parts and Bodies, Tools, anything thats needs a high quality durable finish
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Colourful Seating
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Steel Fencing Panels
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External Products
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Wrought Iron
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Low Heat Motors
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Garden Furniture
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